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Delegation to Visit Nienburg, Germany
Las Cruces’ Sister City Since July 4, 1993 

Las Cruces will soon celebrate its 30th Anniversary of a Sister Cities Partnership with Nienburg Germany. To help commemorate this anniversary 19 citizens from Las Cruces will fly to Nienburg. Beginning August 18th, the delegation will attend many events during the following week to honor this relationship.

Las Cruces has been a member of Sister Cities International beginning with its first partnership with Lerdo, Mexico in 1988. To help promote world peace and understanding President, Dwight Eisenhower encouraged cities in the United States to establish partner cities around the world. Las Cruces established a Sister Cities partnership with Nienburg Germany on July 4, 1993. Mayor Ken Miyagashima noted, “There have been many exchanges of people between our cities. These relations help us to understand other cultures and create a more connected, engaged and globally-minded community.”

The stimulus for the partnership with Nienburg began with student exchanges between Mayfield High School and Albert Schweitzer School in Nienburg Germany. Since the signing of this agreement, Las Crucens have hosted many citizens from Nienburg. There have been student exchanges, internships (public and private), music groups, and professional exchanges who have traveled both to and from our Sister City. Close friendships have bonded our communities.

About these exchanges, Tim Chappell, President of the Las Cruces Sister Cities said, “Since the inception of our partnership, Las Crucens have formed many long-standing relationships with our friends in Nienburg. We exchange ideas and develop programs that stimulate our communities to help us become better world citizens.”

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary and to mark a rich relationship, the travelers include an Official Delegation of 11 members. Each official representative from Las Cruces pays their own way to Germany. Delegates will be hosted in private homes in Nienburg and will participate in many celebratory activities including a tour the city. They will have an opportunity to meet the Nienburg City Council and make presentations of gifts to Nienburg on behalf of the citizens of Las Cruces. Among the activities scheduled are a visit to the Waste Disposal facility, a glass manufacturing company, a Documentation Center and a boat ride on the Weser River.

A String Quartet from NMSU, directed by Assistant Professor Jorge Martinez-Rios, will perform at the Celebratory Reception in Nienburg. In addition, the Quartet will visit the Albert-Schweitzer School for a workshop with students and teachers, visit an elementary school and a senior residence.

Joining the official delegation are a group of three members of an Urban X-Change Project, sponsored by the “Volkhochschule” in Nienburg. The group includes two members from Doña Ana Community College and one member from the City of Las Cruces Water Department. They are studying water issues in Las Cruces, Nienburg, and three other countries including Great Britain. In Nienburg, they will meet their counterparts who are working on this program. Outcomes of the Urban X-Change Project will provide ideas on how each city and country can address their water problems in new and different ways for the benefit of their communities.

After returning from Nienburg, the delegation plans to host an evening event in October to share their experience with the citizens of Las Cruces.

Delegates are: Ken Miyagishima, Mayor of Las Cruces, Tim Chappell, President of Las Cruces Sister Cities Foundation, Hale Huber, Chairman of the Las Cruces - Nienburg Affiliation Committee,

Elaine and Jim McKinney, founding members of the Las Cruces – Nienburg partnership, and other community members are Rosie Miyagishima, Donna Racz, Allison Smith, Greg Smith, Sharon White and

Sheryl Williams.

Members of the String Quartet are Dr. Jorge Martinez Rios, Daniel Vega-Albela, Emma de la Rosa, and Fernando Rodriguez.

Members of the X-Change Project are Dr. Tim Chappell, Dr. Jon Juarez, and Ronald Borunda.

Delegates shown in the photo below are: 
  Front row:  Elaine McKinney, Emma de la Rosa, Rosie Miyagishima
  Middle row:  Sheryl Williams, Allison Smith, Sharon White, Mayor Ken Miyagishima
  Back row:  Jim McKinney, Greg Smith, Tim Chappell

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